Balearic Islands to become a smart tourist destination by expanding IoT sensor networks

The environmental report of ESPO (The European Sea Ports Organisation) for 2018 shows that air quality remains the main priority of European ports. Aware of this, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands has been working hard since 2016 to also know the level of air quality, capacity, alignment with the Environmental Policy of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands.

Drones, Sensors and Blockchain for water quality control in the Volga river to promote trustworthy data and transparency

In Russia, approximately 70% of drinking water comes from surface, while the rest comes from groundwater. Twenty-five per cent of the world’s fresh water is located in Russian territories.

Unfortunately, water pollution is a major issue in this country, with more than 10 million Russians currently lacking access to quality drinking water. According to the Russian regulatory bodies, around 35 to 60% of total reserves of drinking water do not meet sanitary standards. This fact favors the proliferation of health issues in many cities and villages across the country, as only 8% of the wastewater is correctly treated before being returned to the waterways.

Libelium promotes health monitoring in the workplace with MySignals

MySignals is an eHealth IoT Development platform for remote health monitoring, equipped with 17 different sensors that measure the most important vital signs.

Health surveillance is one of the objectives of the occupational risk prevention regulations. Companies develop active prevention policies and promote healthy habits among their workers to improve their health and prevent accidents at work.

IoT is about to become more accessible and practical for SA companies

IoT is about to become more accessible and practical for SA companies The booked out Powering the...

New Weather Station Sensors integrated in Libelium’s IoT platform perform maximum accuracy

The use of weather stations in IoT projects is commonly widespread in solution development related to precision agriculture. They are also a feature in the control of adverse atmospheric phenomena and study of pollution towards the prevention of climate change.

IP Soft Distribution and Vodacom to host first Powering the IoT Revolution Conference with Libelium

With the goal to inspire and uplift South African businesses to be competitive players in the...

EU project uses Libelium sensors to monitor ozone levels in volunteer homes

Ozone is one of the major pollutants in Europe, excessive exposure to ground-level ozone is...

South African software distributor trumps global companies at IoT awards

Success on a global scale by South African IT organisations is a reminder of the remarkable...

Protecting and conserving the beluga whale habitat in Alaska with Libelium’s flexible sensor platform

Beluga whales live in the Arctic Ocean and coastal areas of Canada, Alaska, Russia and Greenland,...

Libelium reinforces its industrial line launching new IIoT kits to automate controllers and meters

Libelium reinforces its industrial line launching new IIoT kits to automate controllers and meters...
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