The Libelium Fever Kit installed in an all-in-one solution for access control

Equimodal, a company based in Zaragoza(Spain), has integrated the Libelium fever sensor to the containers that they manufacture, which added to hand and footwear disinfection, as containers can be placed at the entrance to the centre where people must pass through.

Retail joins to the new normality using IoT technology

Retail stores have joined the normality of using IoT technology to help stop the spread of COVID 19. One such a store is Bee Lion which located in Zaragoza (Spain), it has installed the Libelium fever kit.

IoT technology to track, forecast and reduce pollution in European cities

Several Libelium air quiality sensors calibrated with the reference stations have been installed in specific locations depending on the density of inhabitants, outdoor activities and especially vulnerable areas such as hospitals, schools or parks.

More efficient public space management with mobile device scanning

City Council hired a local company, Integra to install Libelium Meshlium Scanners at access points of the Luis Buñuel Water Park in Zaragoza, Spain. The scanners detect the entrance and exit of people and vehicles to the park as well as the time of stay.

Messina demonstrates how to build an intelligent, healthy, open digital city for its citizens

City of Messina has a project, MeSm@RT, that helps to create a portal dedicated to environmental and land monitoring with the use of results by citizens in various forms. It uses Libelium sensors along with geographic information and other public data sources.

Smart Parking IoT platform to increase the efficiency of electric car recharging station

Elmec Informatica, has fully automated its headquarters in Brunello (Varese, Italy) with the IoT, in association with its partner, Everynet. One of their projects also includes charging stations for electric cars placed for employees.

How a dairy farm increased production by 18% with IoT and Machine Learning

Russia is moving towards dairy Smart Farming by incorporating new techniques, the Internet of Things, machine learning and genetically modified cattle breeding.

IoT to enhance customer experience in shopping centers

IoT tools make it possible to know customers better than ever before and provide information to tailor offerings accordingly. This helps enhance customer experience in shopping centres.

Libelium helps to reduce noise pollution in the city of Cuenca (Ecuador)

The city of Cuenca in Ecuador uses Libelium technology to reduce noise pollution levels. The installation of seven Plug & Sense! Smart Cities PRO with Noise Level Sensor allows the creation of a noise map with the highest sound pressure level.

Libelium’s IoT technology contributes to heritage preservation monitoring of two historic masterpieces

Libelium and the Huesca Museum developed a research project combining art and technology, for the preservation of two important tapestry masterpieces.

Reducing Logistics’ environmental impact by air quality monitoring in the Baltic Sea Port of Gdansk, Poland

Reducing Logistics’ environmental impact by air quality monitoring in the Baltic Sea Port of Gdansk, Poland

Reducing Logistics’ environmental impact by air quality monitoring in the Baltic Sea Port of Gdansk, Poland More than 84% of world trade is mobilized by maritime transport. The integration of land transport with ports has become essential and has had an impact in the...

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MySignals receives Digital Health Award Fall 2017

MySignals receives Digital Health Award Fall 2017

MySignals, the IoT platform for eHealth and medical solutions developed by Libelium, was awarded at the Digital Health Awards Fall 2017. The application received bronze recognition in “Connected Digital Health – Telehealth / Remote Patient Monitoring” category. The...

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