IP Software Distribution Ltd

We distribute best-of-breed technology

We are a distribution company focusing on Libelium, IP-guard Software, IoT Solutions, Claroty, Gem Security and OX Security Partners to help organisations digitally transform their businesses.


Libelium designs and manufactures hardware and a complete software development kit for wireless sensor networks.


IP-guard helps you effectively prevent data leaks, monitor employees’ PC and online activities, and simplify PC systems management.

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IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions offers their customers a specialised set of tools to help them manage their environments through digital transformation. 


Achieve unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection across the Extended IoT (XIoT) – OT, IoT, BMS, IoMT and more – in your environment.

Gem Security

Respond to cloud threats with context. And fast. Empower your security operations teams with built-in expertise and automatic response capabilities fit for the cloud era.

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OX Security

OX’s AppSec Data Fabric continuously scans and consolidates your AppSec data; enhancing, contextualising, and correlating information to prioritise and remediate your most critical risks.

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Smart Energy

Industrial IoT


Consumer Electronics

Smart Retail


Smart Cities



About Us

IP Soft (Pty) Ltd is a specialist in software distribution that combines best-of-breed technology and skills to digitally transform businesses. 

In 2018, IP Soft Distribution was named the most active distributor for Libelium world-wide on all fronts including sales, marketing strategies and actions, customer support and innovative thinking.

The combination of Industry 4.0 Hardware, Software and leading System Integrators in its value chain, ensures robust, practical solutions which add not only immediate but also long-term results. 

IP Soft Distribution partners with Libelium, a world-leading vendor of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Smart Cities solutions. The company offers their system integrators, developers and customers a full-service package of technical, sales and marketing support as well as practical enablement training; and creates sales and profitability opportunities.

IP Software Distribution Ltd (IP Soft (Pty) Ltd in South Africa) is a Vancouver (Canada) based specialist distributor of IT products and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The privately owned company was formed in 2014 as a specialist IT Security distribution company with its head office in Johannesburg (South Africa). For channel partners wishing to source IT Software or provisioning their solutions on a global basis in the Azure marketplace, IP Soft Distribution offers a single point of expertise and assistance.
The company offers its resellers (system integrators), developers (ISVs), and their customers a full-service package of technical, sales and marketing support and practical enablement training. With the fast changing world of Hybrid Cloud, Big Data and IT Security, IP Soft Distribution creates sales and profitability opportunities for software developers and system integrators through unique marketing programs, enablement services and technical support. Being in touch with the latest on-premise and cloud software solutions, we continuously bring value to our customers and developers.


Streetlight integrates Libelium IoT solutions providing digitization to a US campus

Streetlight integrates Libelium IoT solutions providing digitization to a US campus

California State University Fullerton wants a smart campus with a strong focus on safety and connectivity to support the GI2025 initiative. Modernizing the campus by offering services such as smart parking, Electric Vehicle Charging, WiFi will make it more attractive for new students. It will also help to detect those barriers that users face every day and ease their daily lives on campus.

Smart Cities solution integrated in ENE.HUB’s pole SMART.NODE™, a company of Australian origin that designs Smart Poles, has been in charge of providing the necessary infrastructure to this Californian university to make the leap to digitization.

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