Smart Poultry with Libelium Sensors

Have the highest return on investment through measuring conditions on farms, increasing profit and decreasing mortality rates.

1. Enclosure conditions
Create the perfect growing condition in poultry farms with @Libelium #Sensors. If the birds are in the best growing conditions, they will grow faster and better, so, the profit is higher and the mortality rate is lower.

 2. Optimal Temperature
Manage poultry energy consumption by controlling the temperature in enclosing at its optimal level, which helps to decrease energy spent and increase the growth of poultry.

3. Maintain the Humidity
Avoid certain diseases by maintaining the humidity between the recommended values in the enclosing. Some viruses and bacteria can appear when the humidity is too high and the soil is not able to draw the excess humidity.

4. Manage Oxygen levels
It is vital that the Oxygen level must be more than 16% of the air. This is the most important parameter.  If the concentration of oxygen is too low for a long time period respiratory diseases will appear.

 5. Eliminate Ammonia Levels
Avoid health problems by making sure the Ammonia gas level is kept under 50ppm. This gas is toxic and influences the size of the birds. Ammonia comes from the decomposition of the organic material in the soil.

6. Manage CO2 Levels
CO2. Comes from the chicken’s respiration. In Europe, CO2 Levels must be kept under 3000 ppm.

All the sensors must be installed near the floor at the height of the birds head. CO2 is heavier than air and NH3, is lighter than the air, which will near the floor, where it is formed.

The life of the gases sensors is 12 months. Every year, the sensors needs to be exchanged.

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