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Vodacom IoT solutions have already been deployed across a broad range of industries. Together with their partners, they offer proven industry-specific solutions that improve decision-making capacity through augmented intelligence, providing companies with enhanced process optimisation and efficiency by gathering and analysing data collected from your business.

The Internet of Things is transforming assets into intelligent devices. Sensors and other electronic devices are attached to a remote machine. Depending on the machine’s particular function, they capture relevant sensor data, such as temperature, speed and location. This data can be transmitted over many types of wireless or fixed networks to an IoT platform, where it is translated into meaningful information which can be augmented with external data sources, providing customers with real business intelligence and decision-making ability.

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Contact Person

Name | Hymie Marnewick
Position | Executive Head Partner Manager: Vodacom IoT
Number | +27 83 377 7199
Email | hymie.marnewick@vodacom.co.za
Website | https://www.vodacombusiness.co.za/business/solutions/internet-of-things

Trading Hours: They are open weekdays (excluding public holidays): 8am5pm (Time zone: SAST/UCT+2)


Head Office
Vodacom Commercial Park,
082 Vodacom Boulevard,
Midrand 1685

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