Data Loss Prevention
Helps organisations prevent accidental and malicious data loss
Computer and Internet Monitoring
Enables organisations to monitor and control employees’ PC and Internet usage
Systems Management
Simplifies system management, helps to easily know the accurate IT assets and enforces system security.
Endpoint Security Management
Controls the usage of various endpoints to effectively protect confidential data within the organisation

Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard your sensitive data to prevent data leaks

IP-guard Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is a comprehensive data leakage protection solution. This Solution helps organizations effectively manage the threats and risks to the organizations’ information, and safeguards what the organizations values. It carries features that help organizations against data security threats, and help prevent accidental and malicious data leakage. It effectively controls and protects sensitive data as it leaves, moves and transforms through your IT environment. Organizations can centrally monitor how the data is being used, record data operations and prevent data leaking through various channels namely removable storage devices, email, instant messaging, and printing. IP-guard enables you to get a handle on your critical information, avoid costly loss and safeguard intellectual property.

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Effective Permission Control
IP-guard DLP solution manages the access permission of devices, printers, emails, removable storage devices, Instant messaging applications, programs, documents and specific port/IP. It also helps prevent unauthorized computers from connecting to the internal network to steal confidential information and to spread viruses/malware. Unauthorized users cannot use IM applications and emails to contact other users and unauthorized users can’t send emails to unauthorized domains or recipients.

Instant Warning and Alert
IP-guard DLP solution sends real-time warning messages to users when they commit any illegal actions. Users can be required to justify their actions or can be blocked if they violate corporate data usage policy. At the same time, an instant alert will pop up to notice administrators. All illegal actions will be collected and listed on a report. This facilitates administrators’ management to effectively prevents data leakage, and secure confidential information.

Powerful Logging
IP-guard DLP solution lets you monitor how your data is being used, record users’ computer activity and provides a detailed report for you to check and discover any illegal actions.

Transparent Data Encryption
IP-guard DLP solution is able to automatically encrypt and decrypt data stored on authorized removable devices with its removable storage device management feature which is completely invisible to users. Users cannot detect its existence. In addition, encrypted data are only accessed by authorized users and computers.

Comprehensive Monitoring
IP-guard DLP solution does not only records employees’ file actions in detail, but also protects confidential information from being illegally transferred out via the network and portable devices. In addition, IP-guard assists companies in identifying and blocking any illegal file operations in order to increase work efficienc


IP-guard DLP solution, is a comprehensive data loss prevention solution that enables customers to:

Protect sensitive data in the company
IP-guard DLP solution protects sensitive data in outgoing emails, on the network, and removable devices.

Mitigate risk
IP-guard DLP solution mitigates the information leakage risk by controlling, monitoring, and recording data usage and enforces data security.

Avoid costly loss
IP-guard DLP solution protects sensitive data and prevents confidential data loss It prevents leakage of company plans, credit card data, and customer information which can be very costly to companies.

Simplify security operations
IP-guard DLP solution lets you centrally monitor, record and control your critical data with ease.

Avoid legal disputes
IP-guard DLP solution records user operation and provides you with impartial evidence. When there is a data leak, you can find out who should take responsibility for the misconduct.

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