Libelium and SmartDataSystem join forces to offer smart IoT solutions for towns and villages

Libelium and SmartDataSystem have reached an agreement to offer IoT kits bringing together Libelium hardware and SmartDataSystem software solutions specially designed for small cities and towns. The packaged product, called SmartVillage, is available on The IoT Marketplace.

The pre-configured smart city kits, custom designed and built for villages and small cities, enable municipalities to quickly deploy smart city solutions with limited human and economic resources, taking advantage of Libelium’s reliable and easy-to-deploy equipment and SmartDataSystem’s experience working with municipalities.

The expertise of both companies provides local authorities with everything necessary for a successful town infrastructure and environmental management. The solutions are designed to manage facilities, renewable energy systems, smart buildings, or environmental monitoring, among other applications.

Libelium and SmartDataSystem offer smart IoT solutions for towns and villages

 “With this partnership, we expect to enable small towns and villages to implement and take full advantage of solutions previously only available to cities with large budgets and lots of staff,” states Angelo Zinni, Business Development Manager of SmartDataSystem.

Lighting management, air and water quality monitoring, and energy facilities control are some of the main concerns for the local governments of small towns in improving the citizens’ service. Small towns can gain efficiency in their facilities and in the consumption of their supplies through small investments in IoT technology that allow them to easily track the data recorded for sustainable decision making.

“Citizens value better public managers who not only work to improve the functioning of their villages but are also able to improve public services by reducing the environmental impact. This is the great legacy of IoT technology: a greater democratization of urban management,” says Alicia Asín, Libelium’s CEO.

SmartVillage Maps

SmartVillage Dashboard

SmartVillage Maps

SmartVillage Dashboard

Kit type Applications



SmartVillage Air Quality Index (AQI) Solution Kits It simplifies small cities and towns planning, facilitates monitoring for public health risks and ensures compliance with AQI international standards. 802.15.4
SmartVillage Smart Water Solution Kits It enables municipalities to increase control of water resources by monitoring potable water quality, chemical leakages, swimming pool conditions, and pollution levels in ports and beaches seawater. It can also be configured to enable early flood and spill warnings and to promote water quality to citizens and tourists. 802.15.4
SmartVillage Smart Garden Solution Kits It helps to reduce the use of scarce resources such as water while improving gardens and green areas health and appearance. It enables selective irrigation based on real-time soil and environmental parameters thus optimizing maintenance personnel work and saving costs. 802.15.4
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