The Libelium Fever Kit installed in an all-in-one solution for access control

Access control container for industrial areas equipped with Libelium’s IoT technology post-COVID

Equimodal is a company that develops and manufactures containers and containerized solutions for the transport of goods and livestock for several applications such as power stations or Defence. The company has reinvented its products to help other companies in the return to economic activity after the COVID-19 crisis.

One of its solutions is a container that acts as a secure gateway for busy access points, such as industrial plants, factories, sports-events, or hospitals. In this module, Equimodal has integrated the Libelium fever sensor which, added to hand and footwear disinfection, makes it an integral solution for the new era.

An all-in-one solution to ensure a safe entrance to workplace

The module, called One Step Safer (OSS), is a safe-step solution with the necessary measures to access the workplaces for employees and visitors. The container can be placed at the entrance to the centre where people must pass through. Once inside, the user performs 4 small actions that, today, save lives:

  • Hand washing with a disinfectant gel.
  • Taking the temperature with the Libelium Fever Screening Kit.
  • Disinfection of shoes on an impregnated mat.
  • Nebulization in a relaxing atmosphere.

Desinfection of hands and shoes, fever taking and nebulization in a one place

For the luggage, tools and packages a washing trolley is used where the packages should be deposited avoiding contact with any external element and is disinfected by an ozone shower.

The solution goes a step further in its configuration since the Internet of Things takes part by including the Libelium temperature screening system. This allows managers to receive alerts and notifications when a person has a higher temperature than normal. It could also be integrated with event actuators such as opening or closing doors and turnstiles or counting people to comply with limited capacity regulations.

The OSS Container is designed to provide security and confidence at access points to workplaces or massive events. Especially in countries and regions that want to start recovering economic and social activity after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This solution is ideal for industrial environments but its applications do not end there. Since it is an all-in-one solution, it can be provided and installed in a very short time in other types of spaces such as theatres, cinemas and concert halls.

Placed on a shelf, it makes check-in management in big events like music festivals or conventions easier, where it could be integrated with the ticketing system. Event organizers could identify and block access to those who have a fever, one of the symptoms of the Coronavirus flu, thanks to the Libelium sensor and its connectivity via 4G. Similarly, it is a very effective solution for managing visitors in hospitals, travellers in hotels and users in shopping malls.

Fever taking with the Libelium Fever Kit

The module is installed and fully operational at the Equimodal plant in Zaragoza. This ensures that any person or material that enters is disinfected and free of fever. When something or someone tests positive, they can be sure that the virus will remain blocked at the entrance, waiting for hygiene and health measures to be taken, without coming into contact with anything or anyone else in the plant.

This case study helps to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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