Libelium is considered a key player in the Zigbee Global Wireless Monitoring Market 2018

In a fragmented market like the Internet of Things is, there is life beyond LPWAN communication protocols. Interoperability and multi-protocol will continue to be critical aspects, highlights eReports Asia in its latest report: Global Wireless Monitoring (ZigBee Type) Market: Key Players and Forecast to 2023.

The Global Wireless Monitoring (ZigBee Type) Market Report elaborates the complete details of latest industry trends and business circumstances to help the wireless monitoring market aspirants in making key business decisions. This report conducts a complete market review covering the main regions across the globe.

Libelium is listed as one of the market players along with NHR, MASSA, Digi, Develco, Nyce and ZB-Connection. The report portrays the business profile of leading players along with their Wireless Monitoring (ZigBee Type) revenue, market growth, consumer base, and the business strategies followed by them.

Read the entire report at, “Global Wireless Monitoring (ZigBee Type) Market: Key Players and Forecast to 2023”, May 2018, eReports Asia.

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