Libelium announces integration has been successfully achieved with AVEVA’s Insight, powered by Wonderware Online cloud platform. This integration adds new compatibility to the IoT Gateway Meshlium that now supports native publishing to AVEVA’s Insight cloud.

This integration enables any member of the IoT community to instantly receive proactive, actionable insights about their IoT data on the desktop, tablet, mobile or wearables. Users can easily connect, collect, analyze and visualize data from any sensor, and any industrial asset, across any communication protocol.

The native Insight publisher means that this IIoT information is available in the cloud, alongside data from control systems, industrial historians and other industrial data sources. This consolidated dataset delivers real-time actionable intelligence to people – when and where they need it – resulting in better decisions on the fly.

The new native connectivity within the Meshlium device allows Insight, powered by Wonderware Online, to be a published destination directly from the device delivered as a single package. This means little to no configuration and quicker time to value.

This working relationship allows Libelium’s customers to easily access the breadth and depth of AVEVA’s Industrial Software Platform, which is deployed in more than 100,000 sites globally, processes 10 trillion industrial transactions per day and stores and manages 12,000 TB of information per year. This level of data and experience means that Libelium customers can benefit from real IoT solutions that are bringing value to industrial companies every day.

In addition, AVEVA continues to expand the capabilities of the Insight cloud platform with modules such as Insight Performance, which brings advanced performance monitoring capabilities to the cloud and powered by Wonderware Online.As the platform continues to expand with new modules, Libelium customers will be ideally positioned to continue their digital transformation.

AVEVA drives digital transformation across the entire asset and operations life cycle of capital-intensive companies across multiple markets. Main markets served include food and beverage (600+ F&B processing plants), oil and gas (200+ refineries and 210,000+ miles of oil and gas pipelines), power (1,000+ power generation units), mining (10 of the top 15 mining, metals and minerals companies), as well as infrastructure and water/wastewater.

Integration of AVEVA’s Insight, powered by Wonderware Online Cloud Platform

Temperature graph of a Plug & Sense! WiFi unit

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